Published August 3, 2013 by microncat

If you are on the Crystal Coast in NC and bring your dog, we have found three places you can take them with you when it’s meal time in Atlantic Beach:

1.     Frost Seafood House – they don’t really have outdoor seating, per se, but there are two picnic tables out front, and they allowed us to buy takeout and eat it there with Maggie.  The waitress actually did a smidge of table service, although they really don’t officially offer that outdoors.  

2.     Molly’s at the Doubletree Hotel.  They have their own pier, and most of their seating is outdoors.  Be prepared to wait an eternity for your food, but when it gets there, it’ll be worth it…at least, if you order the fish tacos it will.  Best damn fish tacos I’ve ever had.

3.  The Crab’s Claw.  Really good flounder sandwiches,  excellent tartar sauce, and clam chowder PACKED with clams.  Don’t get the conch fritters.  You’ve been warned.  Service was slow, but we were talking to other customers (our dog is a chick magnet 😉 !) 




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