Eating in – Peach Cinnamon Rolls

Published August 28, 2016 by microncat

peach cinnamon rolls

Over on Facebook, I have over 300 recipes and/or recipe videos saved “for later”.  Earlier this year, I decided it was time to make some of them, so I have been knocking them out one by one.  The one I chose for today is from BuzzFeed Food, and it’s a video that you can see HERE.

The only argument I have with the recipe as they show it is, they use two cans of Poppin’-Fresh.  (Did I just show my age with that reference?)  I just couldn’t go there – canned biscuits are disgusting.  They taste nasty, and have you SEEN the ingredient statement???  <<shudder>>

I made my own, and you should, too – it’s easy!  Here’s how:


1.5 – 2 cups SELF RISING flour

3/4 stick Butter, slightly softened, but not mushy


Cut the butter into half-inch chunks in the bottom of a large bowl.  Add flour, and use your hands to squish the flour into the butter.  You’re done when the whole mess is crumbly.

Add maybe 1/3 cup buttermilk to start, and stir into the flour mixture with your hand.  Add more buttermilk if needed, but JUST enough to make a soft dough that springs back when you poke it with a finger.

At this point, if you were just making biscuits, you would roll the dough out to about an inch thick, cut into biscuit shapes with a biscuit cutter or a highball glass, and place in the pan to bake until golden brown, maybe 12 minutes at 350*.

HOWEVER, if you wanna make the Peach Cinnamon Rolls, here’s how you continue:

Get out a 9×9″ pan and butter it.  (You can use the wrappers from the butter – just rub the butter side of the paper all around the inside of your pan.)

Get out a piece of parchment.  You don’t want to use your pastry cloth for this, because it’s gonna get messy.  Place the dough on the parchment, and roll it into a rectangle shape about 13 x 9″ or so.  (Don’t get out a ruler; this ain’t rocket science.)


1/4 cup peach jam

1/2 cup soft butter

1/4 cup brown sugar

1 teaspoon cinnamon

2 fresh peaches, peeled, seeded and chopped

Mix together butter, sugar, jam and cinnamon, and spread over the dough, leaving about an inch margin on the edges. Scatter chopped peaches over the butter mixture.  Starting on the narrow end of the rectangle, roll the whole thing up like a rug. (In the video, their sugar/butter/jam mixture is MUCH stiffer than mine was.  YMMV.)  This is the messy part, ‘cuz stuff comes squishing out the ends.  Don’t fret; you’ll use it.

Get out a sharp knife and cut the roll into 9 rounds.  Place the rounds in the pan.  Any topping that squished out when you rolled the dough up, pour it back over the rolls in the pan.

Bake at 350* for 30 minutes until golden brown.  (Your mileage may vary on that – I have a convection oven, and it took longer.)

When the timer goes off, remove rolls from the oven, but leave them in the pan and make the frosting:

1/4 cup peach jam

1 cup powdered sugar

2 Tablespoons cream

Stir together and pour over the rolls in the pan.  Serve warm, preferably with really good, thick bacon.

Now of course, anybody who knows me at all knows, I did not make the recipe as written.  (I start every recipe with the INTENTION of doing it right, but…) I already said I made my own biscuit dough, but I also had to swap out the jam.  I didn’t get to make peach jam last year, and so there’s none in the house.  Instead of jam, I used a jar of Peaches in Ginger Syrup that I canned last summer.  (That’s part of why my biscuit topping was so messy; I strained the peaches out of the syrup, but canned peaches have more liquid than jam does.)  Also, I added about a tablespoon of fresh grated ginger to the sugar/butter/jam mixture.  As you can see from the photo above, one roll is missing, ‘cuz I had to do a Quality Control check.  It passed with flying colors.  This recipe is a keeper!







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