Eating Out: Thai Corner Kitchen

Published August 28, 2016 by microncat

Hey again!  Today we met Jennifer and Craig at Thai Corner Kitchen, located on Battleground Ave. in Greensboro.  This is the second location for this family-run restaurant.  The original store, on Lee Street (aka: “Gate City Boulevard”) just east of Florida St. has a loyal following, and people were talking about the new place for ages before it opened up last spring.  It is in the little strip of shops that shares an entrance with Golden Carwash, right at the WalMart stoplight.  Ginny and I have eaten there before, but J&C had never been, so it was new to them.

This is Thai takeout; it is NOT a fancy place.  There’s no waitstaff, and everything is disposable (napkins, plates, cups, flatware).  We don’t care.  The north end of Greensboro has been starving for decent Asian food, so I hope they really make a go of it on Battleground Avenue.

Here are a few pictures, so you can see what the place looks like:

As you can see, it is very colorful.  You place your order when you go in, pay, and have a seat (or stand at the glass and watch the wok guy fire it up!)  They’ll call your ticket number when it’s ready, and you go get your food.

I buggered up this time around, and it’s my own fault for not reading the dang banner.  The menu banner you see here is different from the one they had up when they opened.  I was all excited about getting the Drunken Noodles again, because I really like the wide, soft, noodles in the dish.  (Do NOT order this if you don’t like spicy food.  You have been warned.)  The original version of this dish, which is what I’ve gotten there a couple times before, has wide noodles, pieces of chicken, basil, red bell pepper and slices of jalapeno pepper.  There may have been a carrot or two in the mix, as well as some Napa and onion.  The original version of this dish used to be listed on the banner AND on the wall; however, it is now only listed on the main menu on the wall behind the register.  The dish I got was “Spicy Drunken PASTA” – very similar dish, but made with spaghetti noodles and ground chicken.  Still spicy tho, so watch out!  It tasted pretty good, so I would order it again, but I prefer the wide-noodle version.

Ginny got the Pad Thai.  It was also good, but I’m just gonna put this out there, not as good as what I make at home.  I (currently) have two different Thai cookbooks in my kitchen, and both of them present Pad Thai recipes that feature tamarind paste.  I used to LOVE restaurant Pad Thai, until I started making it at home.  Now I find that restaurant Pad Thai is just not as good, because they either skimp or leave out the tamarind altogether, and they overcook the bean sprouts or leave them out, as well.

Craig got the same as I did, and loved it so much, he cleaned his plate.  I don’t know why the jalapenos didn’t clean his clock, but I think he ate them, as well!

Jennifer got a dish that I don’t remember the name of, but it consisted of batter fried chicken in a peanut sauce with rice.  I tasted the sauce, and it was pretty good.

Let’s talk portions!  The portion sizes at Thai Corner Kitchen are huge, even at lunch, so be prepared to ask for a to-go box.  Whatever you order is served on a 10″ Dixie plate, and it’s piled high.  Many of the dishes come with a salad, so there’s a lot of food, even if you don’t have apps.  (Sorry I forgot to take pix of the food this time.)

Thai Corner Kitchen features Pepsi products – another win, IMO.  I love Pepsi.  They also have bottled water, sweet and unsweet tea.  There’s a beverage station, so you can refill your own.

I think their location in the shopping strip is not helpful to them, because they blend in too much to pick the place out as you drive by – all you see is the mattress place on the corner. They need a big sign at the road, because really, who looks at storefront signage on a shopping strip building while they’re driving?  Keep an eye on Groupon, because they do occasionally run a special that makes eating here really affordable (not that it’s expensive to start with – it isn’t.)  We like Thai Corner Kitchen, and are glad that FINALLY, some decent Asian is on the north end of Battleground!




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