Published September 1, 2016 by microncat

outside sign

Tonight, we cheated on the plan.  Since we wanted to go to a movie before dinner, and the movie was at Red Cinemas, we decided to eat at Burger Warfare tonight.  We have been there once before, last Christmas week.

If you haven’t been to Burger Warfare, I have to say, it’s a bit of a strange place.  According to their website, Burger Warfare is, “a gourmet Burger Bar with a futuristic military theme”.  Just let that sink in for a minute…

When you get to the door, there is a sign that says, “You are entering a war zone.”, along with a warning (presumably for PTSD sufferers/Veterans) that realistic war sounds will be heard once you go inside.

The entrance to the restaurant is on the lower level, which is well-lit.  They have a full bar area, with specialty beers.  The bar itself is made like an all-glass display case, filled with large-bore brass shell casings.  There is a similar bar-style table in the middle of the room, which runs the length of the room and is referred to as “the Officers’ table”.  It is also made of glass, but the shells inside are smaller caliber.

Table seating (two-tops and four-tops) is up a couple of stairs in a darker room with video screens running up the main wall.  Most of the screens were dark, except for three, which had vivid green “sound wave” type lines wiggling around in time with the music.   I could be wrong, but I doubt that any Vet or PTSD sufferer would be bothered by the sounds – you can barely hear them over the general din of diners chatting and the radio blasting “Highway to Hell” (AC/DC).

What is more startling than all that is the noises made by the gargantuan robots in the corner.  Robots, you say?  Why are there robots in a war-themed restaurant?  Well.  As the servers will tell you, apparently there was some kind of burger war back in the ’70s between the big three burger joints, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s.  (I lived through the ’70s, and barely remember this.  How they got that for a new millennium burger bar is beyond me.)  So, there are four of these robots, and they are huge.  There’s one for each of the “big three”, and then one out front that represents Burger Warfare.  I forgot to get a picture of Ronald McDonald Robot, but here are the other three.

L to R:  Wendy (see the pigtails?), the Burger Warfare Bot, and Burger King.

While you’re sitting there minding your own business, the robots will alternate blinking lights and randomly make strange mechanical sounds.  All the robots have weapons of some type, as well.  The one out front has what I presume is supposed to be a rocket launcher type of thing.

hand dryer

The decor is very “Terminator”, post-industrial, militaristic.  There are holes in the walls that are supposed to look like a rocket blasted through.  There is the new-style digital camo EVERYWHERE, and the servers wear cammies, as well.  Even the hand dryer in the women’s bathroom has pink camo paint.  Seriously.

seatsThe seats in the dining room look like airline seats with iron pipes for legs, and they are heavy as lead.  Get your chair where you want it before you sit down, ‘cuz you’re not about to slide it around much once your hiney is planted.  They ARE comfortable seats, tho.

Burger Warfare has some interesting burgers on offer, and you can also create your own from a menu of burger and topping choices.  They claim to sell only Prime grade beef, and I have to say that their beef does have a great taste, but what’s even more important is, it has very little gristle in it.  When you order your burger, the server will ask you, “Pink or no pink?”.  Prices are about average for burger bars in this area.

GinnyfoodGenerally speaking, Ginny does not eat hamburger meat unless I grind it at home, because commercially prepared burgers can have bits of bone and gristle, which is gross when you bite into it.  Tonight, Ginny ordered a “create your own”, with lettuce, tomato, pickles, smoked gouda, and grilled onions, on Texas Toast with Bot Tots on the side, no pink.  She added “Warfare Sauce”, which appears to be spicy mayo-based, and ate the whole burger!

my sandwich

The burger I got is called “Alex the Great”.  It consists of a lamb patty, a beef patty, Kalamata olive tapenade, spinach, and feta tzatziki sauce on pita bread.  I ordered it pink, but it came out no pink, which was disappointing.  Overall, the flavor of the meat was good, but as a result of overcooking and lack of sauce, the sandwich was fairly dry, and I felt they really skimped out on the tzatziki sauce and the tapenade.  The pita bread was hard, and as you can see from the pics, my fries were on the overcooked side, and were not seasoned, so there was nothing special about them.


Overall, I’d say that Burger Warfare might be a place to meet the guys for a beer after work, or take the kids, if you don’t mind them being exposed to a war/military atmosphere.  I have nothing against the military at all, but the decor sort of creeps me out a bit, and the robots are just weird, IMO.  I think it would have a better vibe if it were straight-up military themed, and leave the robots out.  Your mileage may vary!


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