Eating Out: The El Torito Taco Truck!

Published September 17, 2016 by microncat

Well, it’s been a couple weeks since we did this, but I forgot to post.  A couple Saturdays ago, we decided to get lunch at the El Torito taco truck that parks in the Citgo station lot on Battleground Avenue, right in front of Rice Toyota.  We had eaten there once before – they seem to be there all day, every day – and the food was excellent.  We have never stopped at any other food truck, ever.


I don’t care what time of day it is, there’s always somebody standing in the parking lot waiting on their food at this taco truck.  That’s not because the service is slow.  It’s because the food is so damn good! They have quesadillas, sopes, gorditas, tacos, tortas and burritos, with your choice of 9 different meat options (including tripe, tongue, and pork skins – not for me.)  Everything comes with two little containers of sauce – one is hot; the other is even hotter.  They also serve bottled fruit drinks, but no tea or sodas, so take your own if that’s what you want.  Everything is a la carte, and very affordable, with generous portion sizes.  Tacos are a dollar each.

This time around, I got a Taco al Pastor and a Quesadilla al Pastor.  “Al Pastor” is not a preacher at your local church.  Rather, it is chunks of pork that have been roasted and seasoned, tender and juicy.  The tacos come on soft corn tortillas, which I suspect are handmade, because they are soft and delicious.  (They remind me of the tortillas I had in Belize, which WERE handmade, right in front of me.)  My eyes were bigger than my stomach, though, and I had to save the quesadilla for later, because it was huge – had a ton of cheese, lots of meat, and some lettuce.  It’s normally made with onions, but I opted out.  It really needed some sour cream; next time I will ask for it.

Ginny got three tacos – one al pastor, one carnitas, (pork that has been seasoned, roasted, then fried, and shredded), and one chicken.  They all had onions, because she forgot to opt out, and a bit of cilantro. The flavor of each was really good, but the carnitas had a lot of fat chunks, which tasted great, of course, but Ginny is not a fan of fat chunks, so they had to go.

If you’re into Mexican-style food that’s not the same-old, same-old, the El Torito taco truck is definitely a place to put on your “try it!” list.


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