EveryDay Cooking

Published October 5, 2016 by microncat

Last week, Alton Brown‘s new cookbook, EveryDay Cook, hit the shelves, and Ginny and I everydaycookwent to Asheville for the book signing event sponsored by Malaprops, which was held  at at Diana Wortham Theatre on Pack Square.  No idea how many people were in attendance, but it’s a good bet that all of them were in this line, which wrapped the entire lobby area, twice.  Ginny and I were in the first third of the second layer.  I stood in line while she went to White Duck for tacos, LOL.


IDK how long we were in line, but eventually, we got within sight of the man himself.

Finally, we got to the front of the line.  The girl in the plaid shirt in the pic above is the person who did all the pix in the cookbook, with an iPhone 6S+, and she used fans’ phones to take pictures of them with our cooking hero.  I don’t know if she did this to most folks, but she took something like 9 pictures with mine, showing me walking up and talking with Alton Brown while he was signing our book.  Here’s the best one.


I kinda felt sorry for the guy.  I mean, if you are subscribed to his Facebook page, you know he’s been on the book tour, at least one stop a day, sometimes two, depending on the city, for the last week, and he’s not even halfway across the country yet.  He’s been on several of the national morning TV shows, too.  The man has GOT to be exhausted, even though he is a leading consumer of caffiene (in the form of coffee).

So we got back home with the cookbook on Sunday, and I have started cooking my way through it.  Well, not THROUGH it exactly – that implies a straight line, LOL.  The book is laid out oddly, in terms of cookbooks, which are usually divided into sections by type of food (i.e. separate chapters devoted to meat, fish, vegetables, beverages, desserts).  EveryDay Cook is laid out by time of day (Morning, coffee break, noon, afternoon, evening, etc.)  This means there are various types of food in each section, which leads to hopping around from section to section, not necessarily making things in the order in which they are presented.

weeknightspaghettiI started on Monday with “Weeknight Spaghetti”(page 139).  The recipe makes enough sauce for four people, maybe five, and it’s so simple, you wouldn’t believe it.  Four ingredients, that’s it.  (I won’t post the recipe, since the cookbook is only a week old.)  SO DELICIOUS!!!  I have never been able to make a tomato sauce recipe that I liked better than “Classico” from a jar, no matter what recipe I’ve tried – and I’ve tried a lot.  This will be my go-to recipe from now on.


Monday night, I made “Salty Chocolaty Peanut Buttery Crunchy Bars”(page 172).  Six ab-candyingredients.  Absolutely amazeballs!  I wouldn’t call them “bars”, exactly.  The recipe makes a half-sheet pan size batch, and the directions call for you to cut the recipe into 120, 1-inch pieces.  Unfortunately, I forgot to cut the stuff up in the first phase, until it had already cooled off.  Talk about hard to cut!  I ended up wrecking one of the SilPat sheets I inherited when Mom died <le sigh>.  Since the batch is so huge, I took plates full to three other houses, sent a box of the stuff to work with Ginny, and took a box with me to my Tuesday night class.  We still have 10 pieces or so in the kitchen.  Everybody who’s
eaten it has loved it!  It’s sort of like a Butterfinger bar, with a twist.


Tonight, I made  “Chicken Parmesan Balls” (page 76).  It chickenparmballshas more than six ingredients,
but is pretty easy to do.  It says, “feeds 4”.  It lies.  It SHOULD say, “feeds 4 FAMILIES”.  I put half the meatballs in one pan and made a batch for us, which fed both Ginny and me, with enough left over for her lunch tomorrow, and dinner for both of us on Friday.  I put the other half in a casserole, which will be someone else’s dinner for a couple days.

Next up will be Roasted Thanksgiving Salad (page 70), and Amaranth Wafers (page 42).  Had to go to EarthFare for ingredients for those!






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