Chicken and Mushroom Saute

Published January 11, 2017 by microncat

Well, Ginny’s second pick from the “Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery” cookbook was ‘Chicken and Mushroom Saute’.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner!  This is very similar to a recipe I have for Tarragon Chicken, but since there’s no cream, it has waaaaay less fat.


Ceramic bowl by Charlie Tefft; Enamel dishes by Lisa P. Skeen.

Here we have all the ingredients (except for the chicken):  2cups sliced mushrooms*, 1T minced shallot**, 1T chopped fresh tarragon, 1/2c plain yogurt***, 3/4c chicken stock, salt and pepper to taste, and 1/2c white wine (Chardonnay).

So, the first thing to do is, cut 1 pound of chicken into chunks.  Spray the pan with Olive Oil cooking spray.  (I would say AKA: PAM, but I don’t buy PAM…)  When the pan is hot, put the chicken in and saute until “golden brown”, whatever that means to you.  (“Gold” and “brown” are two different colors, IMO.)



Golden brown = done, but not cooked to death

Remove the chicken to a plate and set that aside.  Next, spray more olive oil and toss in the mushrooms and scallions.  Here’s where I added a little salt and pepper, to help sweat the water out of the veg.  When they have started to wilt down, add the wine.  Stir a bit to deglaze the pan, then add the chicken stock.  It’ll look like this:


Yes, those are Zucchini in there with the mushrooms.  I didn’t have a full two cups of ‘shrooms available, and I had half a zucchini left over from the stir fry over the weekend, so I threw that in.

Raise the temperature under the pan and reduce by at least half before adding in the yogurt, tarragon, and salt/pepper to taste.  The yogurt is supposed to thicken the sauce, but it never worked for me, so guess what?  I cheated, again, and ended up whisking in a pinch of cornstarch.

Et voila!  Chicken Mushroom Saute.  Flavor was good, and we both liked it well enough to make again later.



* I didn’t have the full 2 cups of mushrooms, so I subbed in half a zucchini, and that worked well.  Added color, too.

** I don’t buy shallots.  I know all the fancy chef folks would disagree, but to me, a cooked member of the onion family is a cooked member of the onion family, and there are only a couple exceptions to that.  I used green onions.

*** Only had 1/4c of yogurt, so I rounded it out with sour cream.

If I made this again, I would dial back the wine and stock by 1/4c each, just so I didn’t have to reduce so much.


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