Restaurant Review: NOLA

Published September 26, 2017 by microncat

Oh wow, it’s been a minute, huh?  Haven’t posted since May.  Well, it’s been a busy summer!


Tonight we went to a new restaurant on New Garden Road called NOLA.  The place is located in the building that started life as a Carrabba’s (why oh WHY did they close???), and then changed to a diner called “Stan’s”, where we never ate before they changed again to NOLA.  As the name suggests, the theme is New Orleans-style cuisine.


The menu has a lot to offer, but is predictably seafood-heavy.  On the back side of this page, there are salads, pasta, sides and drinks.  They carry ice tea and Pepsi products, so that’s two in their favor, IMO. 😉  We felt that the pricing was a little high for this type of restaurant – which retains a sort of “diner” feel – in this area.  YMMV on that one.

Although the restaurant has a bar (left over from its Carrabba’s days), we didn’t order alcohol.  I did see a couple nice looking martinis on another table, and their beer pour appeared to be generous, with no foam.  I had unsweetened iced tea (who’s surprised?), and they make great tea!  Ginny had water.

The waitress brought some garlic bread for the table.  The garlic top was pretty good, because, HELLO, GARLIC AND BUTTER – what’s not to love? But the bread part was meh.

As we often do, Ginny and I ordered one platter and a couple of apps to share.  Apps included a bowl of gumbo ($7.95) and Scallop Bites ($10.95).  The platter was the Fried Trio, which included Alligator, Shrimp and Catfish, with two sides ($27.95 if I remember right.)

The gumbo was thick and we both agreed, very much like glue – although it was some damn fine tasting glue!  The glue part, though, was underneath a big spoon of rice, some of which was undercooked, and what I thought were nice portions (for a bowl of soup) of shrimp, fish, and sausage.  The Andouille was black-pepper heavy, so I won’t get that again.  We both enjoyed the scallop bites – excellent portion size for lunch – and the fried platter was delicious, y’all.  I love alligator, and this is prolly the best alligator I’ve ever had – INCLUDING the alligator I had when we were in NOLA last May.  The batter has a hint of celery seed that really sets it off, and that white sauce you see in the picture there is ON POINT.  We both thought the catfish should have been rolled in cornmeal instead of battered tho.  Battered catfish is just weird.

For those of you who are interested, I did ask the waitress if the fish is wild-caught or farm raised.  She told us that the tilapia is farm raised (yuck!) but that everything else is wild-caught.

The decor had hits and misses.  I like the round, iron rings with marbles and wood that divides the room in this picture of Ginny in our booth:


However, I was not a fan of the color scheme, nor of the upholstery.  You can see the Clash of the Circles and Dots in this shot of the left-side wall, here:


See why I said it still felt like a diner inside?

charging station

Oh, I almost forgot!  Each booth has two charging stations on each side of the table, so you can hook up your mobile device while you eat.




Overall, I’d say it was good, but we prolly won’t go back for awhile.  I’m likely to go back for the Alligator Bites app at lunch, tho. 🙂


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