Date Night: Pier Oyster Bar

Published December 13, 2017 by microncat

Tonight Ginny and I went to Pier, which is a seafood restaurant located on S. Elm Street in Greensboro, directly across the street from Blue Denim and White & Wood.

Decor is clean and uncluttered, with a bar that is lit to resemble an aquarium.  We were seated immediately, and staff was attentive without being annoying.

The emphasis here is on oysters, which we didn’t realize until we had the menus in hand.  They have four or five varieties listed on the chalkboard on the wall, along with the catch and dessert of the day.  One whole section of the menu is reserved for various oyster dishes.

One disappointment was that there weren’t more fish choices on the menu.  There was the obligatory salmon dish, the ubiquitous seared tuna, and the fish of the day was swordfish.  Other choices included a burger, as well as shrimp and Old Mill of Guilford grits.


We started with the clam chowder, which has chorizo, chili oil, and what they call “potato croutons” – that’s a fancy name for tiny cubes of potato fried crispy.  Ginny and I both love the clam chowder at Village Tavern, but this beats THAT all up one side and down the other.  This is absolutely the best clam chowder I’ve ever had, and I’d go back for the “chowdah” alone.

For entrees, we decided to split the crab cake app and the Seared Scallop entree.

The crab cake ($13) comes sitting on a potato cake, with slaw and a house-made remoulade.  I’m weird about slaw, and usually won’t eat it if I didn’t make it myself, but I tried this slaw and it was really good.  The crab cake was mostly crab meat –  just like I like ’em.

There was not. one. thing. on the scallop plate ($25) that wasn’t absolutely delicious.  The plate comes with four large scallops on a fried rice patty, roasted asparagus slices and roasted tomatoes in pan sauce and basil shreds.  It was amazing, and the only thing left when we were done was the lemon garnish.

Pier has an interesting drinks menu, as well.  I got a Pimm’s Cup, which I’ve seen in other places, but never ordered before.  IT WAS SMASHING!!!  Had to have two. 🙂


Overall grade, A+ – Definitely would go back!


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