Date Night: White & Wood

Published December 13, 2017 by microncat


Last week, we had Date Night dinner at White & Wood, a new restaurant on S. Elm Street in Greensboro.  It’s located in the space formerly known as Fincastle’s, next door to Blue Denim.  Their “thing” is fresh, local, and trendy, as well as fancy cheeses and charcuterie.  The decor, as the name would suggest, is white walls and wood tables and floors.  (It’s not the source of the name, however; I heard the place is named after the two owners.)

Entree and app prices are on the high end of average for this area.  Cheese and charcuterie starts at $16 for two choices and goes up from there.  There are a TON of cheeses and cured meats to choose from, several of which, you’ve prolly never heard of.

Staff was friendly, and we were seated immediately, prolly because we were there fairly early – I think we arrived in the neighborhood of 6:15pm.  The place was much fuller when we left, as folks were steadily arriving the whole time we were there.  Seating is wooden tables, or at the bar.

Ginny ordered their burger offering, which is made from house-ground filet and ribeye, and has cheese an bacon, as well as an interesting barbecue sauce.  The burger is served on brioche, and comes with a side of fries, as shown.  That schmear is a housemade ketchup that was pretty good.  I got a taste of the burger and bacon, and it is HANDS DOWN the best burger AND the best bacon I’ve ever tasted.

I ordered the Poke app as my entree.  It comes with a schmear of avocado blended with lemon juice, house-made, herbed tortilla chips, tobiko and Asian pear, and is topped with finely shredded basil leaves.  I had them leave off the onions.  It was fantastic.

Only two things were strange at White & Wood.  First thing was the plates – they’re awful.  Having been a potter and made plates by hand, I really did not like the super flat slab profile of the dinnerware.  There was barely enough of an upturn on the edges of the slabs to keep juice or sauce from running off the sides.

The second weird thing was, A Smell.

One expects a restaurant to smell like whatever’s cooking, especially when a lot of the cooking is being done mostly out in the open.  There was nothing out of the ordinary, in terms of smell, until the very end of our meal, when suddenly, the whole place started to smell absolutely awful.  TBH, I thought someone at a nearby table was having what we’ll kindly call, <ahem>, gastric distress – but the smell didn’t die down.  At all.  Instead, it actually got stronger.  Usually, I’m the lucky one who smells things other people don’t, but this time, Ginny could smell it, too.  It was really baaaaad!  So the waiter comes to the table, and I just flat out asked him what the hell was so horribly stinky.  He said, “Oh, that’s one of our cheeses coming out of the toaster.”  I asked if it was Limburger, but he said it was a Shropshire cheese being toasted for someone’s app.  O to the M to the G.  It was awful.  I love cheese, but I don’t think I could have eaten anything that smelled like that.

Overall grade is A, though, ‘cuz the food and service were both damn good.  Definitely would go back.


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