Hi, everyone. My name is Hamsul Basri from Indonesia. Since May 2018 ago I have been working in Bali. This blog itself is the one out of some other portals that I have built.

The main contents of this blog will be published all about the things that are related to the environment, the nature. It can be the wildlife, the cities, the alternative energy, how to preserve the fresh air and many more.

I am no expert in this topic, but I would like to share about my own insights that I have been read, heard, discussed, and seen before.

I have only a simple thought about this blog which is to share ideas in case if there will be one or two that can help our environment. I think that will be the good news for the future generations, right?

Now I am pretty much proud of myself in saying that.

But, I think I need to reminds you that my english is bad enough. I think this blog will also the media that I can improve myself since I am not truly good in writing as well. So, in case you find the contents that are hard to understand, now you have known the reasons.

Nevertheless, I will keep on trying.

There are so many other things that I need to say in this page, but since I am not really preparing myself for that, I think that will be the end for now. I will keep on updating this page if there will be necessity in that.

Thank you for being here, anyway. And if you found pages that are valuable to share and you think they will also benefit the others, there’s nothing could stop you but yourself alone.