I am a Metalsmith.

  • BFA from UNCG
  • Jewelry fabricated from Sterling, copper, other metals and materials

I am a potter.

  • Owner of Living Tree Studios since 1995.
  • My work is in collections across the USA and around the world.

I am a Certified Zentangle® Teacher.

  • You can schedule a Zentangle® class in YOUR venue by sending me an email request.

I am an artist.

I live near Greensboro, NC.


4 comments on “About

  • Lisa: First I am not a well experienced Zentangler, yet, but in the example you provided showing BILT used in a tile there is a form at the bottom that I do not recognize.I do not have the listing of official Tangles so it may be one that is not published. I don’t have the vocabulary to describe the form so can only say it is the one at the bottom. Can you identify that pattern for me?
    Thank You. Tom Tberry010@yahoo.com

    • Hi Tom,

      There are 4 official Zentangle patterns in this tangle, plus Bilt and a small section of scallop pattern. From top to bottom order, they are: Tipple, Rain, Bilt, Msst and Quabog at the same level, plus a small section of scallop design over on the left. Bilt and the scallop pattern are not official Zentangle patterns. Hope that answers your question.


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