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Why I Started to Write About the Environment?

Why I made a blog and write about the environment?

Writing in a blog is actually no longer the new experience to me. I have some of the blogs that I could do that as well. But, as I am a self-taught writer of my own blog, it seems that I have never built one that is specifically focusing in environment topic.

Later on, then I think that I should have at least one that is sharing about a planet of where we are belonged to.

Why I made a blog and write about the environment?

Ever since we are sharing the same planet, I think that we should also share the things that could save the earth itself. Our past and future is here and I think that we should talk about that even more.

We are also have been realized that whatever we have done and will be done will really give impacts to the nature, whether they will be the positive things or even worst.

I have no idea how bad the earth condition is lately, but I am pretty sure that many aspects of our environment have been reduced in quality. Plastic wastes are used every single day, number of forests are running out, pollution are almost everywhere, and many things are happening in just a second in our world.

I do realized that I am only a man that may not capable to do big things that make different. But even if I could only prevents a single person from littering, I am glad that I am being part of that.

Imagine if we could do that together. Imagine if we are contributing a small role, just a small simple thing that we do together in every moment in life, I am sure that we then can get the better environment.

Your kids, families and friends will really thankful that you are contributing a small of kindness that being part of something great in the world.

Moreover, the high quality of environment is also the right of all of us. Even the unborn babies in the world have the right to live in the neighborhood with fresh air and water.

So that, I will try to delivering that message through this simple blog with any limitations of my thoughts and language.

I will write about that every time I get the chance.

I think that writing about the environment is one of the possible thing that I can do for now. I will confide about the environment through writing in this blog.

I ain’t intends to be a hero. I am really not. But if there will be a chance for that, why would I missed that? We are already being a hero for ourselves and families when thrown the wastes on place where they are belonged to be.

In real life, I am considering those who are doing kindnesses as a hero. There are many of us seems to be doing a small thing, but they are doing it consistently. After a while, we then realized that they are actually doing the great things.

Mathematically, 1 is always means 1. It can’t be changed, at least for now. But in life, 1 kindness that you are paying forward to the others will be possible to becomes 100 kindnesses done by 100 people, or even more.

And I hope that many of us can be part of that. So, keep on supporting Living Tree Studios to do that in a variety of imaginable acts that you can do.

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